Aurender A200



The A200 is the entry point of the Aurender range of DAC equipped music servers / streamers. While the A200 is a budget-friendly model, it doesn’t scrimp on features, functionality or audio performance. This compact digital music player is packed with features including a high-performance digital-to-analog convertor with full-decode MQA* enabling it to take full advantage of the vast selection of MQA encoded music from the Tidal streaming service (subscription required) or from stored music files. It also has the capability to store a massive amount of content and playback files of virtually any resolution and bit-depth. Two rear panel ports can accommodate drives of up to 8TB each to store the largest of music libraries.
Browsing your music collection couldn’t be easier as our app, Aurender Conductor is simple and intuitive to operate. The A200 is a great choice for those replacing an aging CD player, computer audio system or just wanting the inherent simplicity of a one-box source component. Whether you stream, play hi-res files or both and seek a cost-effective option to do so, look no further than the A200.


Aurender A200 netwerkspeler

– Stereo AKM 4490 Full-Decode MQA DAC
– PCM up to 768kHz/32bit. DSD up to 256
– Single-ended Analog Outputs / USB Digital Output
– Full-Color 6.9″ 1280 x 480 Wide IPS LCD display
– Storage (user installed) 2 x 2.5”(15mm Height) Tray for SSD or HDD
– Increased SSD Cache to 240GB / System Memory to 8GB
– 2X Isolated Gigabit LAN Port
– SPDIF Optical x 1 and Coaxial x 1 Digital Inputs
– Linear Power supply with Super Capacitor based UPS

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