Supra Ply 2.0


Audio cables’ performance is initially determined by their loop resistance (R) & inductance (L) & shunt capacitance (C). For most speakers R & L must be low, but capacitance value, C doesn’t matter [1,2] as speakers already act as large cap loads. But simply using larger wire makes R low, at the expense of an increasing ratio to L with musically unacceptable effects. Ways to make inductance L low also with low resistance, include tapes, either stacked or arranged in ribbons. But these types are impractical to fit to nearly every speaker connector without discontinuities, & are stressed & often unsightly when bends are required in real installs & also aren’t suited to mobile uses. Litzing with multiple, insulated conductors is more practical, but quality Litzes are expensive and termination not easy. Other types are gross, like industrial pipes, unsuited to many domestic spaces.

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