FiR Audio M5 Demo model

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M5: Acoustic Supremacy

The M5 contains an Electrostatic Tweeter, blending technicality and musicality, making it both resolved and palatable.

A showcase of the best FiR has to offer in the IEM space. The M5 sports a dynamic driver for lows, 3 balanced armatures covering the midrange and highs and a tubeless electrostatic tweeter to assist in treble reproduction, giving the M5’s signature a layer of airiness not present in its counterparts. The M5’s optimized driver count gives it its effortlessly massive sound, with clarity and extension on both ends. With the 3rd generation Atom pressure release system to provide the M5 with a cavernous, out of head soundstage and a pressure-free listening experience that is well suited to all professional and audiophile use cases.

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