FiR Audio M4 Demo model

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: € 1,999.00.Huidige prijs is: € 1,263.00.

M4: Mezzo Soprano:

Beautiful vocals with well-balanced treble and bass to bring out the definition of audiophile music.

Engaging and musical tuning, the M4 pairs 4 drivers with FiR’s unique technologies to this end. Using a dynamic driver for well-extended, highly textured lows, with 3 balanced armatures covering the midrange and high frequencies, tuned for a smooth, vast and yet highly resolved sound signature. Combing FiR’s Direct Aperture design and the 3rd generation Atom pressure release system. The M4 gives the listener musical sound with an even larger soundstage and a pneumatic pressure-free listening experience suited for vocalists, keyboardists, guitarists and audiophiles.

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