Final UX3000


UX3000 A Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Fine-tuned for Premium Sound Quality Brought to Perfection by High-End Audio Expert The UX3000 is the first wireless overhead headphones from final brand featuring active noise cancelling with hybrid noise cancellation methodology. Generally, headphones and earphones which have noise cancelling feature equipped are having the driver units (speaker) emit a special electronically generated sound on top of the music or voice originally to be played to cancel out external noise. This puts stress on the drivers and leads to significant degradation of the sound quality.

Thanks to a 700 mAh battery, the UX3000 offer an impressive runtime of up to 35 hours, depending on the volume. With noise-cancelling activated, that is still a remarkable 25 hours. The charging time is about 2.5 hours; the standby time, according to the manufacturer, is 400 hours

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