Dynaudio Emit M10 2021


Emit M10 2021
It might be the most compact in the family, but Emit 10’s performance belies its size.

Emit 10 is the ideal choice if you have limited space. It’s capable of surprising bass performance, but it won’t overwhelm the room even when cranked to neighbour-bothering volumes – and it has the added advantage of not requiring a lot of space behind it, so you can put it close to a wall.

And if you’re going all-in on a home cinema set-up, then Emit 10 also performs perfectly both as a front or rear channel for your 5.0 or 5.1 surround-sound system.

If space is really tight and you’re forced to place your Emit 10s right up against the wall, in a corner or even on a shelf, then be sure to use the included foam plugs. They can be used to block the rear port for more controlled bass.

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